Scalable downstream method for the cyclic lipopetidejagaricin.

Stein J, Schlosser N, Bardl B, Peschel G, Meyer F, Kloss F, Rosenbaum MA, Regestein L (2022) Scalable downstream method for the cyclic lipopetidejagaricin. Eng Life Sci 22(12), 811-817.


Cyclic lipopeptides are substances with a high potential to act as antimicrobialagents. Jagaricin, produced byJanthinobacterium agaricidamnosumDSM 9628and discovered in 2012, is a new member of this class with promising antifun-gal properties. However, further experiments to investigate future applicationsand/or conduct chemical derivatization to change properties and toxicity areimpossible due to the limited access to jagaricin. Besides a high jagaricin con-centration at the end of the fermentation process, a suitable downstream processis essential to generate appropriate amounts with the desired purity. In contrastto other amphiphilic molecules, jagaricin cannot be separated by foam fractiona-tion since it is mainly attached to the surface of the microbial biomass. This tech-nical report presents an overall process chain consisting of 11 individual steps togenerate jagaricin in gram scale with a purity of over 95%


Miriam Agler-Rosenbaum
Bettina Bardl
Florian Kloß
Florian Meyer
Gundela Peschel
Lars Regestein
Nicolas Schlosser
Jakob Stein


doi: 10.1002/elsc.202100079

PMID: 36514532