Microbial electrosynthesis: opportunities for microbial pure cultures.

Harnisch F, Deutzmann JS, Boto ST, Rosenbaum MA (2024) Microbial electrosynthesis: opportunities for microbial pure cultures. Trends Biotechnol S0167-7799(24), 00033-7. (Review)


Microbial electrosynthesis (MES) is an emerging technology that couples renewable electricity to microbial production processes. Although advances in MES performance have been driven largely by microbial mixed cultures, we see a great limitation in the diversity, and hence value, of products that can be achieved in undefined mixed cultures. By contrast, metabolic control of pure cultures and genetic engineering could greatly expand the scope of MES, and even of broader electrobiotechnology, to include targeted high-value products. To leverage this potential, we advocate for more efforts and activities to develop engineered electroactive microbes for synthesis, and we highlight the need for a standardized electrobioreactor infrastructure that allows the establishment and engineering of electrobioprocesses with these novel biocatalysts.


Miriam Agler-Rosenbaum
Santiago Boto


doi: 10.1016/j.tibtech.2024.02.004

PMID: 38431514