Robotics Platform Modules 1 and 2

The robotics platform enables the automated conduct of biochemical, pharmacological, and molecular biology experiments. Automating repetitive experiments increases throughput and minimizes errors that can occur during manual work. The microtiter plates can be labeled within the platform and filled with various reagents using liquid handling systems, washers, and dispensers.

The platform includes the following devices

  • Liquid Handling Systems: CyBio FeliX (Analytik Jena), TEMPEST Liquid Dispenser (Formulatrix)
  • Sealing and Opening of Microtiter Plates: a4S Automatic Roll Heat Sealer (Azenta), Peeler XPeel (Azenta), Decapping Station (Analytik Jena)
  • Centrifuge: HiG 4 Automated Centrifuge (BioNex Solutions Inc.)
  • Barcode Printer: CyBio QuadPrint HQ-x (Analytik Jena)
  • PCR: qTower3 auto and TRobot II (Analytik Jena)
  • Colony Picker: K6-3 Colony Picker System (kbiosystems)
  • Reader: BioTek Synergy Neo 2 (Agilent)
  • Shakers: BioShake Q1, BioShake 3000-T elm, and ColdPlate slim (QInstruments)
  • Incubators: Cytomat 2 (Thermo Fisher)