Christian Hummert
Curriculum vitae

Professional Career

2005-2009: PhD student at the HKI (funded by the ILRS)

21.11.2014: defense of the PhD thesis "Analyse und Interpretation der Varianz von Genexpressionsdaten"

2009-2015: Employment at the Thüringer Landeskriminalamt

Since 2015 Prof IT-Security and Digital Forensic at the University for Applied Sciences Mittweida

Ullmann-Zeunert L, Stanton MA, Wielsch N, Bartram S, Hummert C, Svatoš A, Baldwin IT, Groten K (2013) Quantification of growth-defense trade-offs in a common currency: nitrogen required for phenolamide biosynthesis is not derived from ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase turnover. Plant J 75(3), 417-429. Details PubMed

Huber R, Hummert C, Gausmann U, Pohlers D, Koczan D, Guthke R, Kinne RW (2008) Identification of intra-group, inter-individual, and gene-specific variances in mRNA expression profiles in the rheumatoid arthritis synovial membrane. Arthritis Res Ther 10(4), R98. Details PubMed