Signalling pathways

Environmental changes are sensed by fungi and transduced via signal transduction pathways. Comparative studies highlighted that MAPKs, calmodulin/calcineurin, TOR and Ras/cAMP signalling pathways are well conserved in eukaryotic organisms. Our goal is to elucidate the meaning of signal transduction pathways for gene regulation.


Manfiolli AO, Siqueira FS, Dos Reis TF, Van Dijck P, Schrevens S, Hoefgen S, Föge M, Straßburger M, de Assis LJ, Heinekamp T, Rocha MC, Janevska S, Brakhage AA, Malavazi I, Goldman GH, Valiante V (2019) Mitogen-activated protein kinase cross-talk interaction modulates the production of melanins in Aspergillus fumigatus. mBio 10(2), e00215-19.