The priority program “Bioelectrochemical and Engineering Fundamentals to Establish Electro-biotechnology for Biosynthesis – Power to Value-added Products (eBiotech)” (SPP 2240) is located at the interface between electrochemistry, microbiology, materials science, process engineering, and systems and synthetic biology. It combines the expertise of 28 German research groups in these disciplines working in 14 projects as a collaborative, interdisciplinary research network. The focus of eBiotech lies on the targeted development and efficient design of electro-biotechnological processes through a better understanding of the underlying processes. By exploiting the synergistic effects of natural science and engineering, eBiotech will address the technical development of electrically driven biosynthesis processes in addition to current scientific questions in the field of electro-biotechnology.


The SPP eBiotech is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).