Curriculum vitae

Professional Career
2023 Junior research group leader, Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology - Hans Knöll Institute - (Leibniz-HKI), Jena
2022 Postdoc, junior research group Biobricks of Microbial Natural Product Syntheses (Dr. Vito Valiante), Leibniz-HKI, Jena
2019-2022 Visiting researcher (fellowships from the German Research Foundation and the Foundation van Wijck-Stam-Caspersfonds), Dept. Molecular Plant Pathology (Prof. Martijn Rep), University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
  'The role of histone modifications in Fusarium oxysporum pathogenicity'
2018-2019 Postdoc, junior research group Biobricks of Microbial Natural Product Syntheses (Dr. Vito Valiante), Leibniz-HKI, Jena
2017 Postdoc, Dept. Molecular Biotechnology of Fungi (Prof. Bettina Tudzynski), University of Münster
2014-2017 PhD with distinction (summa cum laude), Dept. Molecular Biotechnology of Fungi (Prof. Bettina Tudzynski), University of Münster
  Dissertation 'Exploring the biosynthesis and regulation of novel secondary metabolite gene clusters in Fusarium fujikuroi via a combination of bioinformatic, molecular and chemical approaches'
2011-2014 Master of Science in Biotechnology, University of Münster
2012 International research stay, University of Bristol, UK
2008-2011 Bachelor of Science in Biosciences, University of Münster
2008 Abitur (A-levels), Heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium Oberhausen
Awards · Appointments · Scientific Activities
2024 Early Career Editor for 'Fungal Genetics and Biology'
2024 Member of the 'Genetics Society'
2023 Editor for 'Fungal Biology' of the British Mycological Society
2023 Member of the 'Association for General and Applied Microbiology' (VAAM)
2023 Associate member of the DFG Cluster of Excellence 'Balance of the Microverse'
2023 Faculty member of the 'Jena School for Microbial Communication' (JSMC), the Excellence Graduate School of the FSU Jena
2023 Associate member of the Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio 124 – FungiNet 'Pathogenic fungi and their human host: Networks of interaction'
2022 Research grant 'FusInfect' funded by the Free State of Thuringia and the European Social Fund Plus (ESF)
2022 LIFE TALENT Fund of the FSU Jena (collaboration with Dr. Matthew Agler, Plant Microbiosis)
2021 WSC Fund for extension at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
2018 DFG Research Fellowship at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
2012 'PROMOS' DAAD Scholarship for research stay at the University of Bristol, UK


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Janevska S, Ferling I, Jojić K, Rautschek J, Hoefgen S, Proctor RH, Hillmann F, Valiante V (2020) Self-protection against the sphingolipid biosynthesis inhibitor fumonisin B1 is conferred by a FUM cluster-encoded ceramide synthase. mBio 11(3), e00455-20.
Burkhardt I, Ye Z, Janevska S, Tudzynski B, Dickschat JS (2019) Biochemical and mechanistic characterization of the fungal reverse N-1-dimethylallyltryptophan synthase DMATS1Ff. ACS Chem Biol 14(12), 2922-2931.
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Janevska S, Baumann L, Sieber CMK, Münsterkötter M, Ulrich J, Kämper J, Güldener U, Tudzynski B (2018) Elucidation of the two H3K36me3 histone methyltransferases Set2 and Ash1 in Fusarium fujikuroi unravels their different chromosomal targets and a major impact of Ash1 on genome stability. Genetics 208(1), 153-171.
Janevska S, Güldener U, Sulyok M, Tudzynski B, Studt L (2018) Set1 and Kdm5 are antagonists for H3K4 methylation and regulators of the major conidiation-specific transcription factor gene ABA1 in Fusarium fujikuroi. Environ Microbiol 20(9), 3343-3362.
Janevska S, Tudzynski B (2018) Secondary metabolism in Fusarium fujikuroi: strategies to unravel the function of biosynthetic pathways. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 102(2), 615-630. (Review)