Curriculum vitae

Main Research Areas
  • Image processing and analysis
  • Multivariate data analysis
  • Biostatistics
Professional Career
since 2015 PhD student in Bioinformatics at the Friedrich Schiller University, Jena
2009-2015 Lecturer at the Altai State University, Barnaul (RUS)
2008-2009 Stager in Macromolecular Crystallography Group at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), Grenoble (FRA)
2007-2008 Lecturer at the Altai State University, Barnaul (RUS)
2006-2009 PhD student in Applied Physics at the Altai State University, Barnaul (RUS)
2004-2006 M.Sc. in Physics at the Altai State University, Barnaul (RUS)


Belyaev I*, Marolda A*, Praetorius JP, Sarkar A, Medyukhina A, Hünniger K, Kurzai O, Figge MT (2022) Automated characterisation of neutrophil activation phenotypes in ex vivo human Candida blood infections. Comput Struct Biotechnol J 20, 2297-2308.
Belyaev I*, Praetorius J-P*, Medyukhina A, Figge MT (2021) Enhanced segmentation of label-free cells for automated migration and interaction tracking. Cytometry A , 1-12.
Shopova IA, Belyaev I, Dasari P, Jahreis S, Stroe MC, Cseresnyés Z, Zimmermann AK, Medyukhina A, Svensson C-M, Krüger T, Szeifert V, Nietzsche S, Conrad T, Blango MG, Kniemeyer O, von Lilienfeld-Toal M, Zipfel PF, Ligeti E, Figge MT, Brakhage AA (2020) Human neutrophils produce antifungal extracellular vesicles against Aspergillus fumigatus. mBio 11(2), e00596-20.
Svensson C-M, Medyukhina A, Belyaev I, Al-Zaben N, Figge MT (2018) Untangling cell tracks: Quantifying cell migration by time lapse image data analysis. Cytometry A 93(3), 357-370. (Review)