Modelling telomere maintenance mechanisms

The subject area aims at:

  • identifying the different telomere maintenance mechanism (TMMs) active in tumours to understand and prevent aging and programmed cell death as well as of acquiring unlimited proliferative potential,
  • developing an integrative network of TMMs that highlight the key issues of deregulation and characteristic features for the development of a TMM-classification scheme,
  • developing an analysis scheme helping to identify active TMMs in tissue samples of clinically treated patients reliably and efficiently. This scheme shall then be applied in diagnostic tests as well as for the stratification and predictability of therapeutic responses,
  • applying the TMM-analysis and classification to evaluate the TMM status regarding glioblastoma for the predictability of therapeutic responses and the forecast of the impact of tissue samples from patients suffering from prostate cancer as well as for the stratification of patients and the use as diagnostic and predicting markers,
  • further developing TMM-inhibition as a therapeutic approach.

We focus on the development of mathematical models that help explain the data that has been generated within the joint project.