Antibiotics are an essential part of modern medicine. They form the basis for the treatment of life-threatening bacterial and fungal infectious diseases. The Transfer Group Anti-infectives identifies new, promising active substances and systematically advances their development into innovative drugs.

The Transfer Group Anti-Infectives is an integral part of the InfectControl 2020 research network funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). We receive further essential grants from the Free State of Thuringia and the German Centre for Infection Research (DZIF).


Florian Kloß

Drug development

Antibiotics research and development unites many disciplines. From the discovery of a new natural bioactive compound or a new biological target structure to the drug, approximately 15 years of research and development time are required even under ideal conditions. A modern laboratory infrastructure and a closely interacting team of scientists from different disciplines are crucial for efficient compund development.


Effective and goal-oriented antibiotics research and development are inextricably linked to modern instrumental laboratory analytics. Mass spectrometric methods, biophysical and spectroscopic methods are of global importance.

The Transfer Group Anti-infectives is equipped with an extensive modern equipment park, which was financed by various public sponsors. To view the individual devices, please select the tabs above.


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