Transfer Group Anti-infectives

Antibiotics are an essential part of modern medicine. They form the basis for the treatment of life-threatening bacterial and fungal infectious diseases. The Transfer Group Anti-Infectives identifies new, promising active substances and systematically advances their development into innovative drugs.

The Transfer Group Anti-Infectives is an integral part of the InfectControl 2020 research network funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). We receive further essential grants from the Free State of Thuringia and the German Centre for Infection Research (DZIF).

Breaking through bacterial cell walls

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Florian Kloß is a breakthrough finalist in the Falling Walls competition

October 2020: Florian Kloß explains in 15 minutes, how his scientific research contributes to tearing down walls in science and society. With his goal of developing a resistance-breaking antituberculotic, Florian is one of the finalists in the field of life sciences.

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"Wirkstoffradio", a channel on bioactive ingredients, with Florian Kloß

Florian Kloß talking about antibiotics

January 2020: Bernd and André, the makers of the German podcast channel "Wirkstoffradio", are guests of Florian.
Florian introduces the world of infectious diseases and the research on active substances against infections - the anti-infectives. The beginnings of penicillin, the mode of action of antibiotics and the development of antibiotic resistance are discussed, but also the search for new antibiotics, his research projects in this field and the difficulties a scientist has to deal with. It also provides an insight into the course of a preclinical and clinical phase for an active substance from this field and discusses how antibiotics have been perceived so far and how they should be seen in the future.

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SciencePub: Development of new antibiotics - A crucial test for market economy, politics and research

Florian Kloß talking about antibiotics

At the Jena SciencePub in January 2020, Florian Kloß gave an informative and entertaining lecture in Café Wagner. With the involvement of the numerous audience, Florian explained the current scientific, social and market challenges in connection with antibiotics. The fiery discussion that followed was evidence of the audience's great interest and commitment.

Winner of the IQ Innovation Award Central Germany 2019

Innovationspreis Mitteldeutschland Gesamtsieger 2019

We were recently awarded the main prize of the 15th IQ Innovation Award Central Germany for the development of a new anti-tuberculosis agent, which represents a new compound class against multi-resistant forms of the tuberculosis pathogen. The compound is being developed into a drug by our team together with partners at the University Hospital of Munich and the company HAPILA GmbH Gera.

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Urgent - Solutions for the antibiotics crisis

Florian Kloß in an interview with TV channel Phoenix:

Raising political awareness of antibiotic resistance

Special Session in the German Bundestag on the 18th of September, 2019 on the health topic: Antibiotic Resistance

During the panel discussion in the German Bundestag, the prominent participants discussed a topic of the highest social urgency that belongs on the agenda of political discussions. We are interested in keeping this topic in awareness and discussion.

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Source of photos: © grafikan – Andreas Neßlinger