Neuropilin signalling in angiogenesis.

Koch S (2012) Neuropilin signalling in angiogenesis. Biochem Soc Trans 40(1), 20-25.


VEGFs (vascular endothelial growth factors) are master regulators of vascular development and of blood and lymphatic vessel function during health and disease in adults. This family of five mammalian ligands acts through three RTKs (receptor tyrosine kinases). In addition, co-receptors such as NRPs (neuropilins) associate with the ligand-receptor signalling complex and modulate the output. Therapeutics to block several of the VEGF signalling components as well as NRP function have been developed with the aim of halting blood vessel formation, angiogenesis, in diseases that involve tissue growth and inflammation, such as cancer. The present review outlines the current understanding of NRPs in relation to blood and lymphatic vessel biology.


Sina Gerbach


doi: 10.1042/BST20110689

PMID: 22260660