Work and Family life

In order to operate in the field of science successfully, an open-minded and family-friendly working environment is crucial. The HKI aims at promoting young families and creating working conditions that allow for a reconciliation of work and family life. For the HKI, family in this regard is not limited to married couples but includes all kinds of committed partnerships with or without children and dependents requiring care. For this reason, the HKI engages in the association Jenaer Bündnis für Familie and is the founding member of the Dual Career Network Thuringia.

The equal opportunity officers at the HKI would like to support you. We are happy to provide advisory support to all members of staff, including the following matters:

  • Child care in emergencies
  • Dual career opportunities
  • Establishing schemes for the reconciliation of work and family life
  • Provision of information material

Please don’t hesitate to contact us personally or by email. We also appreciate any suggestions and tips for other relevant issues. Any enquiries and personal data will be treated with utmost care and are strictly confidential.

Christine Vogler

Dr. Christine Vogler

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Daniela Wagner

Daniela Wagner

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