Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hube


VSt-Nr. 23361

Zeit und Ort

SS 2024, thursdays 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Leibniz-HKI, Building A8, Center for Systems Biology of Infection, SR Robert Koch, Beutenbergstr.11a


The Lecture will be held in English!

TOPICS: History & principles of Infection Biology • Offensive Pathogenicity Factors • Defensive Pathogenicity Factors • Unspezific Pathogenicity Factors • Parasites • Microbial Colonization of Man • Pathogenic Bacteria • Pathogenic Fungi • Animal Infections and Zoonoses • Infection Immunology


Bernhard Hube


Ilse Denise Jacobsen
Sascha Brunke
Jakob Sprague
Mark Gresnigt


Master of Science Microbiology
Master of Science Biochemistry
Master of Science Bioinformatik
Master of Science Molecular Life Science