Septomics is looking for you!

Sepsis study is looking for male blood donors

| by Christine Vogler

(Source: HKI/Anna Schroll)

The risk to catch an infectious disease is varying strongly between individuals. The DNA plays a pivotal role in this variation. The Center for Innovation Competence Septomics (ZIK Septomics) is currently doing a large scale study investigating the genetic factors which make patients susceptible to a sepsis, i.e. an inflammatory reaction of the body to an infection. To carry out this study, a lot of blood is needed...

The first steps are done. Antje Häder is happy that 41 volunteers already donated blood at ZIK septomics. "It's a good start since the beginning of the study one and a half months ago. But we're still missing aroun 260 blood donors". For her PhD thesis, the biologist is studying which genetic factors are influencing the immune reaction of the host to a pathogen. Why is one patient suffering from a life-threatening sepsis while another remains unaffected even though both share similar physical preconditions.

If you want to support Antje and her team please contact her via mail or Tel. 03641 532 1160. They are looking for men between 18 and 40 years who do not smoke. Prof. Dr. Oliver Kurzai, the head of the research group, will draw 100 ml of blood.