The amoebae whisperer: Falk Hillmann appointed to professorship

Falk Hillmann presents his certificate of appointment
Falk Hillmann has been Professor of Biochemistry/Biotechnology at Wismar University of Applied Sciences since April 1. Quelle: Ronja Münch / Leibniz-HKI

As of April 1, 2022, Falk Hillmann is the new professor of biochemistry/biotechnology at Wismar University of Applied Sciences. For him, this is a kind of home game - the microbiologist is looking forward to strengthening his home region of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with his research.

For the past six years, he has been head of the junior research group Evolution of Microbial Interactions at the Leibniz-HKI. Just recently, the research team around Falk Hillmann developed a new method to produce complex plant natural products - named polyketides - in amoebae. "It has been a wonderful ten years in which we have achieved a lot and in which Leibniz-HKI has provided me with optimal research conditions," Hillmann sums up.

As Professor of Biochemistry/Biotechnology at Wismar University of Applied Sciences, Falk Hillmann intends to continue this breakthrough in the development of new methods for the production of complex natural and active substances. The focus here will be on new, efficient biotechnological processes. "I look forward to continuing our research in biotechnology and taking on new challenges in teaching at Wismar University," says Hillmann.


Falk Hillmann