We focus on Armillaria, Aspergillus and other fungi producing natural compounds

The associated Research Group Pharmaceutical Microbiology with its natural product-oriented research program links the Institute of Pharmacy at the Friedrich Schiller University with the Hans Knöll Institute. The group focuses on the genetic and biochemical basis of microbial secondary metabolite biosynthesis.

The group is a member of the Cooperative Research Center ChemBioSys in the Graduate School Jena School for Microbial Communication JSMC as well as in the International Leibniz Research School ILRS Mibintact.

Currently, research on the basidiomycetes (mushroom-type fungi) is emphasized. Natural product biosyntheses are investigated using selected model species and genera, including Armillaria, Ceriporiopsis, Psilocybe, and Serpula. The basidiomycetes represent a group of organisms that has received little attention yet regarding their biosynthetic pathways. Another focus area is the biotechnological production of natural products. Further, work is directed towards understanding their ecological function.


Dirk Hoffmeister

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